Monday, 28 March 2011

All about the logo

Our awesome logo designer, @marikurisato, has put down her art tools to tell you where the logo came from:

"The logo inspiration came almost immediately. The whole country was affected. That fact demanded a symbol of nationality, without using stereotypical imagery (no samurai for example.) Therefore I researched the color of Japan's modern National Flag as the most basic perimeter. I wanted to resist an image that showed quake damage, or a wound, but rather hinted at the strength in the most fundamentally universal image of helping someone up.

"My usual style is very detailed, but I wanted to minimize a specific ethnic group, and rather project a humanity wide effort, which is why the arms are silhouettes coming from outside the flag's "sun" image. Then it was a matter of refining the image to it's most basic shapes, without dehumanizing the sensation. I hope it conveys not just an emotion, but a sense of purpose and action.

"I actually felt almost feverish, as if I was just watching myself work from the outside, being controlled by the idea."


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