Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grunts on the #quakebook project

Did I forget you, misspell you or put you in the wrong bit? Leave a comment and I'll fix it for the book!

Copy Editors

Lindsey Annison
Sandra Barron
Jesse Johnson
Joanne Greenway
Dan Ryan
Owen Schaefer
Jenny Silver
Vania Sofiandi
Aimee Weinstein


Hiromi Davis
Yoshiko Ikeda
Yuko Kato
Tomomi McElwee
M. Rosewood
Andy Sharp
Yoshie Sherriff
Fernando Ramos


Mari Kurisato
Edward Harrison

Kevin Carroll
Rick Martin

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  1. Hello, I'm a Japanese-Spanish translator. Let me know if I can help, I'll gladly do it for free.