Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Daily 2:46 Promotion

Every day at 2:46 Japan Standard Time, @quakebook will tweet a quote from Quakebook, as well as a link to the "Buy Quakebook" page on this blog. If you don't already follow @quakebook on Twitter, we ask you to start doing so, because every day we will be relying on all of our Twitter followers to retweet the quote of the day as soon as we post it. The Japan Times has already committed to follow and support us in the retweeting campaign.

Please send all your friends and family a link to this page, so that we can have as many @quakebook followers as possible helping us raise awareness for this amazing project.

2:46 Tokyo time is:

British Summer Time +8hrs
Greenwich Mean Time + 9hrs
Eastern Standard Time +13 hrs
Pacific Standard Time +16hrs
Singapore Standard Time -1hr

The current Tokyo time is:

What time is 2:46pm in your part of the world?


  1. It always baffles me, I never know whether to add or subtract... It is tuesday, 13:47 here in UK, and the clock above says 21:47. so by my reckoning 2:46 in Tokyo will be 11.46 here? Tokyo is 9 hours ahead of us. So in the UK we expect tweets at lunchtime?

  2. My folks live in Boston, and while they have changed to Daylight Savings Time since the earthquake (on March 13th), 2:46pm on March 11th would have been 12:46am (on March 11th) for my family back home (so 14 hours behind Tokyo--but now only 13 hours behind with DST)... Sorry--not sure if that actually answers your question, but I hope it helps!

    And keep up the awesome work--I am simply in awe :))

  3. Tokyo time +2hrs in Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart but back to +1hr from Sunday when daylight saving finally finishes.

  4. It's 2:46 am in Nova Scotia with the daylight savings time, without it on the 11th it was 1:46 am. 12 hours ahead with DST and 11 hours ahead without DST.

  5. When your Tokyo clock reads 23:25:00 Friday night it is 10:25:00 AM Friday morning - Eastern Daylight Time (New York, Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta, Miami).

    Amazing work you're doing here. Thanks.