Monday, 4 April 2011

Get involved - we have our first flier!

Wondering what you can to do to support QuakeBook? We have our first flier for you to print out - download it here.

There are more posters to crank up your printers and start preparing your windows, walls, car, local library, shops, schools, and businesses for QuakeBook promotions!

Thank you to the Quakebook editor who has produced this - @ThatDanRyan. The cover of the book itself is by James White and Edd Harrison.

If you have ideas for promotion and for Quakebook, please complete the volunteer form To all those who have completed that form, we are hugely grateful for your offers. If you haven't received an invite to our Yammer community yet, it's coming! We are marginally swamped but in a far more positive manner than those we are trying to support.


  1. Can we get the flyer in an A4 PDF?

  2. Will print a few dozen and take them to the fundraising lunch at the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre in Hamilton, Canada on Saturday

  3. From @pygenot: please update the flyer to say available now from Amazon