Monday, 4 April 2011

Ourman on the radio

Please tune in to this VS Sunday Canadian radio show - The Maple Syrup Edition - to listen to OurManinAbiko and revpaperboy talking about Quakebook.

The show, Virtually Speaking, is on BlogTalk Radio and will be aired SHORTLY.

It will also be available on itunes

Please show Quakebook your continuing support as we move towards the launch. Thank you.


  1. Due to technical problems, this show may not be happening. In real time, it certainly isn't!

  2. He's on! And has said all the right things.

    We are a team, we are making this happen, pre-order it, and this is to "a record of a nation and the struggles that Japan will be facing for the coming years, and also as an historical record."

    "You'd be crazy not to buy it"

  3. Good morrrrrrrning Abiiiiiiiiiiiiikooooooooooooooo

    The above was live blogged, of a fashion, so apologies for the typos.